Trauma and my leg

a slip on the grass the trauma location

My cry alerted two walkers, who asked if I was all right ? No, I have broken my leg. 

They crashed their way into the garden and alerted Tracey. 

The rain was getting heavier and I was feeling cold. She brought some blankets to keep me warm. The ambulance would be up to three hours. 

The rain now was pouring down.

Below is my story in the garden.

Above is the view of the rear garden. I love it but not that sunday.

Think of what happened to me as a "traumatic incident". Right now, I felt helpless, completely dependent on others, the sound of the crack was horrific and fear of my situation was potentially overwhelming. I was getting drenched, not moving for three hours ? 

Tracey went to the shed and covered me with a tarpaulin. I was in the dark waiting for the ambulance. So I mentally placed what happened in a box in my mind and closed the lid. I felt calm and now able to think logically.

The ambulance arrived an hour later, they strapped me in a chair but they could not carry me out. They needed more people. Tracey called up our next door neighbour and they both came. He messaged others in the village and she being a retired nurse, said I would need an operation and Tracey should pack a bag as the nature of the break was serious. Help came from the village and I was hauled by the pond and wheeled to the ambulance. 

Its good to have friends who can quickly respond. I now understand by personal experience why ambulance waiting times are so important. 

Off I went, with no idea what will happen next.

trauma and my leg pt 2
Mixed Depression and Anxiety


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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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