We offer Mental Health consultancy support:

Is the Covid 19 pandemic and economic shutdown affecting the Mental Health of your Line Managers and workforce?

We can help:

  • Reduce the stress and strain of Human Resource Managers, Personnel Managers and Human Resource Directors.
  • Help Line Managers better support staff who are very anxious about the pandemic
  • Help you provide key positive Mental Health messages to your worksforce

Even before Covid 19 struck:

  • An employee sees their GP who then signs them off for 2 weeks without a clear explanation of what is happening to that person’s Mental Health.
  • They may be off sick or their work performance is suffering (“presenteeism”)
  • An employee sees their GP who then signs them off for 2 weeks
Mental Health Consultancy Support
Mental Health Training for the Workplace
One in six workers are experiencing a mental health problem at any one time
Mental Health Training for the Workplace
Stress thought to be responsible for almost half of working days lost in Britain due to health issues
Mental Health Training for the Workplace
“Presenteeism” costs almost twice as much as sickness absenteeism

Mental Health - THE COST

  • Deloitte research (2017) made a positive case for employers investing in mental health, with an average return of £5 for every £1
  • Deloitte and National Mind (2020) suggests that poor mental health cost UK companies more than £43 billion in 2018

We can support HR managers present a “business case” presentation to the board or senior managers.

Using video conferencing (or face-to-face meetings), we can:

  • Seek to understand your work environment, HR policies and how stress affects particular work roles in your company
  • Carry out virtual online meetings with selected staff either individually or as a group to discover all angles to the Mental Health picture
  • Support you develop your own Mental Health Plan
  • Offer best practice support interventions linked to your Mental Health plan.
  • Provide ongoing support post training workshop by assessing your progress on implementing your Mental Health plan
  • Be available for crisis support when things become complex or difficulty accessing professional support