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Switch on

that light bulb moment!

Helping you to change attitudes and promote good mental health in your workplace

Mental Health Training for the Workplace
Workshops that feel like face-to-face with set exercises that are not possible during in-person sessions
Mental Health Training for the Workplace
We will seek to understand your business and workforce needs and fine tune the materials delivered
Mental Health Training for the Workplace
We help you better support your staff and provide positive mental health messages to your workforce

What is a Mental Health Lightbulb moment?

Mental Health awareness is like switching on a lightbulb in your mind.

“I can get through this, my first glimmer of hope."


Specialists in Online Mental Health Training

We can help you and your team to make progress with mental health in the workplace. Imagine many lightbulbs lighting up, offering help and hope to someone struggling.

“You can get there - we are all behind you.”

Mental Health Support in the Workplace - Flashing Lightbulb Ltd
Chris Graham - Director at Flashing Lightbulb Ltd

The personal, social and business impact of Covid-19 threat & repercussions is here to stay

Lockdown, social distancing, test and track are fundamentally changing the way we live our lives. Uncertainty and lack of control can make us vulnerable to poor mental health.

Feeling responsible for keeping your family safe and financially secure will be emotionally draining.

Global economic downturn, restart and the slow recovery of businesses can be painful. Operational change will affect some more than others. New business targets and how they will be achieved means keeping your managers and workforce mentally well.

Our services can help deepen your company’s understanding of mental health by switching on your employee’s Mental Health lightbulb.

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