Our online digital workshops

The Covid-19 threat has triggered many services to go online and they may stay online. Once you discovered the new online ways of delivering training workshops for Mental Health, you will be delighted with the benefits.

“But how do we get the same feelings of closeness, intimacy and emotional sharing on an online workshop?”

Answer: New digital online software is changing the traditional ways of facilitating and presenting online training. We have taken advantage of the features of Zoom/ Microsoft Teams and created ways of delivering a workshop that not only feels like “face-to-face“ but includes set group exercises that are only possible online.

Mental Health Support in the Workplace - Online Training Courses
Mental Health Support in the Workplace - Online Training Courses

You can attend anywhere, learn from your desk at work or somewhere quiet and comfortable using your PC, laptop, tablet or even your mobile phone.

A virtual workshop has all the benefits of a face to face group experience without the hassle of sorting venues, staff time saved and the cost of travel.

Online Mental Health Training for the Workplace

No need for your staff to all be in one place for a half or one day training event,
Plan your training in bespoke “bite-sized” workshops (ranging from 30 minutes to two hours).

You will experience thought provoking shared experiences at a date and time that suits you.

Why we like to use Zoom

A dedicated secure Zoom 5 workshop room, is created to make sure each participant joining process is seamless and simple.

Zoom has additional workshop features such as break out rooms, that help create greater participant interactivity with the host and between participants.

We take these standard features of Zoom and transform them into new online ways of switching on participant lightbulbs.

We design and deliver Mental Health training materials that take advantage of many Zoom “host controlled” features.

“Online, breaking into small groups, mixing us up in lots of different ways meant there was more interaction between us than traditional training”.

You choose the online digital platform: either:-

Zoom, alternative such as Microsoft Teams or your inhouse system.

  • Our online Mental Health training helps your staff better understand and manage their own Mental Health and have the confidence to support their work colleagues.
  • Trainer skills of presenting and facilitating online are just as important but different to face to face group training. Chris Graham has completed a three month “live” pilot Zoom workshops with staff at Sellafield Ltd.
  • We will seek to understand your work environment, HR policies and how stress affects particular work roles in your company and carry out virtual zoom online meetings with selected staff.
  • We will cover work pressures and bad stress in your workplace and at home, exploring in depth Mental Health Anxiety and Depression conditions.
  • We will support participants develop their skills in communication and how to support someone who is not coping.
  • We will explore how to support a person to seek internal and external professional and self-support choices including how Mental Health Treatment works or does not work.

“I was surprised how chat can be used in different ways in the workshop”.

“The whiteboard was fun and I learned as well.”

“The video clips just made the whole thing come to life, we started talking to each other forgetting we were online and that meant we understood more”.