What is pressure pt 1

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 Without pressure in our lives, we are not human. 

Differences between us will cease to exist, we would become "robot like". 

Pressure is an important ingredient that makes our life more meaningful. 

Pressure is everywhere: it flows across our relationships;

It is the pressure at work that that ultimately makes your company successful.

Pressure transforms the place where we live,: a home with the people you love.

So what is pressure ?

Pressure is a force you experience. An invisible weight that presses down inside you, pulling you do what others expect of you or your internal self that pushes you to do something you want to do. The heavier the weight upon you, the greater the pressure intensity feels.

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Think of force as a pressure for you to do something you want to do. 

At its most simple, pressure is the effort to perform and complete a task. 

Time and purpose can change the nature of a task. When there are a number of tasks needed to achieve an end result, tasks link together as a job to do at home or at work. When the aim to achieve something is much more complex, you need to plan in detail tasks, then build upon each task, in sequence. 

When a series of tasks need to be completed to reach a specific outcome. pressure becomes project pressure; your resources are needed that involve more thought over a longer period of time. Planning becomes an important feature of pressure.

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Choosing the right work situation, committing to a long term relationship or deciding to have and bring up children, are all life journeys that involve continuing pressure.However difficult a particular journey is, you can only complete it if you make the first step. 

That first step can lead over a very long period of time to 1,000 pressure steps in your life. This particular form of pressure is a life journey of doing something that is personally life fulfilling for you. 

This pressure can be pleasing and intensely rewarding. Some people seem to spend their whole lives dissatisfied, in search of a purpose. When pressure is absent in your life, then your life may feel meaningless. At its core, pressure in our life is the will to live and survive.

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This may be more unpleasant than pleasing. Feeling unpleasant from such pressure can be thought of as an absence of pleasant feelings: an emptiness, a hollow feeling inside. 

You are following a course of action which you feel morally or legally bound to do ; a duty to do or a commitment you must keep: this is obligation pressure. 

Do you have a friend whom you have known for a long time but have nothing in common but you feel obliged to spend time with them ? 

Are you in partner relationship where they control what you can and cannot do ? 

Are you in a job that does not offer much satisfaction ? 

This form of pressure limits the control you feel you have in your life. Experiencing obligation pressure has a coercive quality such as a promise you have made to someone. Not achieving that promise pushes you to apologise or feel guilt. 

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For example, switching your attention to focus on the task, upping your concentration level, planning steps needed to achieve the task, problem solving anticipated issues that prevent task completion and making the right decisions at the right time. 

Make a mistake, up goes the pressure, Pressure also is present when you need to skillfully use external resources that are to hand, such as a computer, or tools to use for this task. 

When they do not work as expected, pressure increases. 

A minor accident hits you, up goes the pressure. You also may need to involve others to help you. If others are not helpful, pressure increases even more.

Pressure is an invisible weight inside, a force you experience when performing a task. 

Next time I will explore those little almost trivial pressures we experience every day.  

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